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Week 3-Websites of the Day and School Technology

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This blog was very helpful in containing sites that is very practical to a wide variety of teachers. There were sites about the best YouTube videos of all time. One site that I found particular interesting was a site that allowed several people to upload pictures for the same event. This example Ferlazzo gave was field trips. This blog also gave updates with national news that had to do with teachers. An example of this was all the posts about the Chicago Teacher Strike. I found this blog to be very interesting and I can see myself looking at this weekly.

This blog was a little different than the other ones we have looked at. I liked that this one was a little more personal. In this blog, Brad Flickinger discusses personal experiences of success and failures in his technology classroom. He had an interesting post about using ipad’s to create music. I think activities like this would be fun in technology classrooms and a way for students to express themselves in a different kind of way.

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